Silver and Bronze

SL Outfit 4/15/09

My favorite clothing textures have realistic detail but a better-than-real sheen—neither obviously handdrawn nor photosourced, they sit the line between the two and pull the best from both. As a result, I own a lot from stores like Last Call, Savvy?, PixelDolls, which have and had this sort of texture and mix and match well with one another. This outfit is something of an ode to those textures: a shirt from Last Call layered over one from PixelDolls; a skirt from Fleur with beautiful stockings from Blaze, shoes from Maitreya and hair from Zero Style—each item as rich texture, detail, sheen; they have the personality of hand-drawn clothing, and never fall into the uncanny valley of photosourcing. Such preferences are absolutely arbitrary, but knowing that doesn’t decrease the joy I get from the clothes which meet them.

And the unusual interplay of silver and bronze in this outfit is lovely too.

Overshirt: Dana Scoop Top by Last Call (store closed)
Undershirt: Demi Cami, Tintable by PixelDolls
Skirt: Septembre Skirt Grass by Fleur
Stockings: Pantyhose – Charcoal by Blaze (slurl)
Shoes: Update Group Gift Pumps – Khaki by Maitreya (free)

Eyes: Gaze – Cat Gold by Nora (store closed)
Skin: Pleiades (Another Skin) mod by Juushika Redgrave
Hair: Chocolat (Red) by Zero Style (modded)
Lashes: Ferra Lashes by Sin Skins (top only)

Tattoo: Custom by my boyfriend
Necklace: Solaria, Mutli/SlvrBrs by Luc
Bracelets: Double Metal Bracelet – Gold/Silver & Silver/Gold by Miriel (free) (modded)
Glasses: Kelly by Persenickety (modded)
Whiskers: Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty
Neko Ears: Anisa’s Neko Ears by Anisa @ OTCR ( modded to include Industrial piercing by DEEKS)
Neko Tail: Kitty Black Tail Long by Hybrid (modded, retired)


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